When Should You Upgrade Your Staff Productivity Software?

Your company’s productivity software is like your car’s GPS. Whether you’re just looking to avoid traffic, your endeavor’s success depends on the quality of the software that you use. In this post, we’ll look at five ways to tell when it is time to upgrade your productivity software.

1) It is time to upgrade your productivity software when you can’t capitalize on shifts in productivity over time statistically

Monitoring employee productivity is one of the most resource-intensive tasks assigned to training management in companies of any size. If your assessment process leaves you struggling to pinpoint trends in aggregate or individual productivity in clear, statistical terms, it is time for an upgrade. Software that doesn’t make it easy to slice your data into actionable insights is an elaborate digital paperweight.

2) Find an alternative service if your productivity software becomes unwieldy when you need to scale

As your company grows, so will your need for an accurate, scalable employee productivity monitoring system. If determining productivity levels over time or for groups larger than a handful of team members will require extra steps that add a few minutes to your assessments, those minutes will turn into hours when your company expands its employee base. It is essential to have access to a robust, enterprise-grade platform that is built to handle the assessment of a few thousand employees as quickly as a few dozens.

3) If you are spending time entering individual employee data manually for assessment, you need to change your productivity software

Data collected manually is often fraught with errors and time-intensive to collect. It also is a huge source of—you guessed it—productivity drain for training departments. A system that makes it effortless to view, assess, and respond to employee productivity reports is critical to your company’s future success. Without accurate insights on how employee workflow and behaviors impact ROI, your efforts to optimize employee training practices will be based on guesswork, not reality.

4) If your productivity software doesn’t keep up with you, it is time for a new platform.

What good are actionable insights if you can’t respond to them with ease? Productivity software that delivers bad (or good) news about worker performance but doesn’t make it easy to create an educational intervention for a time-sensitive productivity issue is a waste of your time.

5) Does your productivity software like to share? If not, it is time to go platform shopping

Your training department needs a streamlined system to monitor productivity—there’s not much to argue with in that statement. Even if your company can manage with its existing system without the time wasting “features” of your current platform taking up too much time, sudden growth will mean an unexpected (and costly) dip in trainer productivity. If your current system is not automated, user-friendly, and doesn’t make it easy to share insights across your entire organization, it is not truly scalable. If the prospect of manually compiling reports and cutting and pasting data from spreadsheets for dozens of employees makes you cringe, visualize the same process when your company doubles in size. Sharing productivity data—from up-to-date-statistics to comprehensive reports—should be painless.


6 Reasons Why You Should Stop Trying to Fix Your Productivity Software


1) You don’t have the time to waste.
You need a dedicated software that provides a proactive, best-in-class system designed to allow you to monitor trends in employee productivity easily. You won’t have to touch the tech side of things to view productivity data for your entire workforce quickly.

2) You can’t afford to have data management errors corrupt your workforce insights.
Manual employee productivity monitoring is not scalable over time, even for smaller businesses. Human error often corrupts data collection, failing to identify employees who are at risk of becoming or continuing to be less productive than their peers.

As companies grow, the errors presented by poor data collection practices can present severe challenges to long-term strategic business planning.

3) Monitoring productivity shouldn’t compromise your department’s productivity
You may inadvertently compromise your productivity when the time is spent on trying various methods to monitor employee productivity or attempting to fix DIY solutions for process quality control.

In the absence of a user-friendly employee productivity monitoring system, error-damaged data on employee performance may be used as the basis of future policy. The use of corrupted samples as the basis of policy may inspire employee training practices which reinforce ideas that at best, have little impact on ROI.

4) Your department needs more than software.
If you chose to go with dedicated software, it would provide exceptional support and a user-friendly platform designed to meet the needs of a growing organization. On-going, comprehensive support services are essential for training departments to get the most out of their productivity software. A seamless onboarding process and active tech support are crucial to the success of your employee training efforts when using a performance monitoring platform.

5) Performance Monitoring and Employee Training Simple and Effective
If you were to go with WestNet Learning, you can use a single, robust system to monitor employee performance and respond as needed to educational intervention requirements. We offer a best-in-class solution that’s designed to be user-friendly for companies on the path towards rapid growth. With a flexible, made-to-measure LMS and analytics components, WestNet takes the guesswork and complexity out of data management, making performance monitoring frictionless at every stage of your company’s growth, across every department.

6) Stop trying to fix your performance monitoring system.
At WestNet Learning, we believe your LMS and performance management system should work for you, not the other way around. We’ve created a platform that incorporates the insights that we’ve gained from decades of helping companies manage growth intelligently. We’re here to simplify HR’s most important tasks and help optimize your existing resources.

If you are curious to learn more about productivity software to increase your employee’s activity, feel free to reach out to WestNet and schedule a 1-on-1 walkthrough with one of our specialists today!

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