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Why do some LMS projects struggle and often under deliver or even fail?


1. Lack of engagement: One common challenge with LMS is getting users, especially employees, to engage with the platform and complete their training courses. This can be due to factors such as difficulty navigating or understanding some LMS platforms, poor mobile device support, lack of motivation, or competing priorities.

2. Limited customization options: Some LMS platforms may have limited customization options, making it difficult for organizations to tailor the platform to their specific needs and branding.

3. Integration issues: Integrating the LMS with other systems, such as HR software or performance management tools, can be a challenge. This can result in data silos and inefficiencies in tracking employee progress and performance.

4. High costs: Implementing and maintaining an LMS can be expensive, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Licensing fees, customization costs, and ongoing support and maintenance can add up quickly.

5. Training and support: Providing adequate training and support to users and administrators of the LMS is essential for successful implementation. However, organizations may struggle to allocate resources for training or may lack internal expertise to provide ongoing support.

6. Content management: Managing and updating training content on the LMS can be a time-consuming task. Organizations may struggle to keep content relevant and up to date, leading to outdated or ineffective training materials.

7. Data analytics and reporting: Extracting meaningful insights from the data collected by the LMS can be challenging. Organizations may struggle to generate reports that provide actionable insights for improving training effectiveness and employee performance.


Lets Solve your LMS Challenges!

Your team at WestNetLMS has the expertise and resources to help organizations address and solve these challenges to optimize your LMS implementation. Our team can provide customized solutions, training, and ongoing support to ensure that your LMS meets your organization’s needs and drives positive learning outcomes.

With our simple 12 step process upgrade your current LMS or launch your first LMS  to start solving those challenges, and Level Up your training program to deliver as it should.

Everyone Deserves a solution that’s – Easy to Manage, Easy to Navigate, Mobile Friendly with Support that Responds and Cares!


Case Study: Home Services

Three years and a few months ago we started our relationship with Learning and adopted WestNetLMS.

Since inception, we have over 100,000+ course completions annually in the system! Completion requires passing an assessment with a score of 100%. In addition, we use surveys to measure Kirkpatrick’s level one and have introduced pre and post assessments to measure Kirkpatrick’s level two.

“WestNet is the perfect system for our team members. We have instructor led training, web based training, and self-paced computer based training. WestNetLMS tracks all these courses and can even track those special one-offs: training that occurs once and is not repeated can be manually added to a student’s transcript.

Administration of the LMS is simple and easy. The Reports available are sufficient to present to our senior leadership team. In fact funding for our department has increased annually – much of the credit goes to WestNetLMS as we are able to present a compelling rationale with the data from the system.

Between our entire team, we can count over 7 LMS systems we have experience with – most all well-known names, the “leaders” in the industry. WestNetLMS, in our collective opinion, is probably the world’s best kept LMS secret! Not one of us would go back to a system we have experienced! I just wanted to send a note of thanks – to you and your team.”

Lance – Home Services Provider

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Instant Analytics – Award Training Badges – Create Guided Learning Tracks

  • Would your managers/ supervisors appreciate an immediate snapshot of their direct reports current training status?
  • Would your learners appreciate recognition of training milestones, with training badges and learning leader designation? 
  • Is it important to be able to deploy unique training needs and requirements, specifically for each learner type and department?
  • Could your LMS team use a break from difficult system administration?

Our Award Winning LMS is a preferred choice to accomplish training goals and targets for Organizations of all types Single Location, Multiple Locations, Multiple Companies or Franchises.

  • Custom Branding – Uniquely brand for each company or location (easily have unique branding display upon user login – Users can set their preferred language (over 60 languages available).
  • Generate – Analytics and reports for individual companies, franchises, departments OR enterprise wide.
  • Customize – Create custom training catalogs by department or company so only the approved training items display in the catalog for their users.
  • Manage – Set admin permissions for management to manage their department(s), locations and employees.
  • Build – Skill tracks with checklists to guide learning for optimal results.
  • Artificial Intelligence –  Easily enable AI driven course recommendations for your learners.

Mobile Ready – For a Mobile Workforce

Employee training and development programs do much more than merely boost professional knowledge. A well-planned employee training program can transform organization productivity, member job satisfaction, and employee wellness.

WestNetLMS is an all-in-one LMS solution to easily train employees, increase employee productivity, and address safety needs. With customizable analytics, reporting, certification, and recertification tracking, your management and supervisory staff with have the right tools to stay on top of what matters most.

Would like to learn more about how to engage employees and improve training access, delivery and, accelerate training course completion rates thereby improving team members skill levels?

See WestNetLMS in Action

“Customer service is terrific. WestNet Learning partners with you to improve your business. Easy for employees to use and easy for administrators to manage. Have used WestNetLMS at several companies from 90 employees to 90,000 employees. With a resource like this available, I struggle to understand why there are still companies (large or small) that still have paper-based training systems. ” --Chase L eLearning Manager

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