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Instant Analytics – Gamification – Award Training Badges – Create Learning Tracks

  • Would your managers/ supervisors appreciate an immediate snapshot of their direct reports current training status?
  • Would your learners appreciate recognition of training milestones, with training badges and learning leader designation?
  • Is it important to be able to deploy unique training needs and requirements, specifically for each learner type and department?
  • Could your LMS team use a break from difficult system administration?

Our Award Winning LMS is a preferred choice to accomplish training goals and targets for Organizations of all types Single Location, Multiple Locations, Multiple Companies or Franchises.

  • Custom Branding – Uniquely brand for each company or location (easily have unique branding display upon user login – Users can set their preferred language (over 60 languages available).
  • Generate – Analytics and reports for individual companies, franchises, departments OR enterprise wide.
  • Customize – Create custom training catalogs by department or company so only the approved training items display in the catalog for their users.
  • Manage – Set admin permissions for management to manage their department(s), locations and employees.
  • Build – Skill tracks with checklists to guide learning for optimal results.

Combine your multiple LMS systems into an easy to use enterprise wide LMS!


Mobile Ready – For a Mobile Workforce

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