Develop a New Employee Training Program that Works for You

Designing a new employee training program for the first time is like facing a blank canvas and being required to create a masterpiece the first time you hold a paintbrush. Your program must address the knowledge gaps and competency needs of each employee while remaining user-friendly and scalable across departments. It must be a symphony of form and function for it to create the immediate impact your organization demands. There isn’t a master guidebook available to help you work out the details since each company’s requirements are unique. While “employee training” may encompass everything from on-boarding to OSHA compliance to technical training, there are several tips that can make developing any type of training program an easy transition.

How Your Training Program Can Transform Employee Performance

Identify specific “evergreen” values that you want your employees to derive from their training experience.

The first step in developing a new employee training program that meets your needs is to step back and acknowledge the importance of your educational plan to your organization’s success. Realize that your training program is the most effective method of transmitting specific performance objectives and compliance goals to your team and maintaining employee engagement over time. That means the design of your curriculum will serve as the architecture for your company’s culture of success or lack thereof. This doesn’t mean it is time to panic. The impact of employee training is an all-around positive when you have the right tools in hand.

5 Quick Questions

  1. Do I have clear employee performance objectives in mind as I create my curriculum?
  2. What employee attributes do I wish to enhance throughout the initial training period?
  3. What post-onboarding competency goals do I have for my team as I design my continuing education planning model?
  4. Am I using the right educational tools to create a learning experience that remains impactful as it scales?
  5. Learn more about scaling training programs across departments.

Quick Tip:

Create a curriculum that provides practical illustrations in an immersive format (such as video) to real-world examples of how to achieve and maintain performance excellence.

Use Your New Employee Training Program for More Than Skills Maintenance

Determine outcomes that your business wants to achieve at each stage of training but leave room for changing organizational priorities.

Your training program should define performance excellence for your employees and provide them with a practical and educational pathway to achieve it.

Constantly redefine the kind of employee your business wants to attract, encourage, and nurture. As your organization’s goals change over time, so will the profile of the team members who will best support long-term objectives. Empower your employees by using a learning management model that is agile enough to support content changes on-demand as educational benchmarks evolve.

5 Quick Questions

  1. Are you creating content that can support evergreen competency requirements like health and safety requirements, as well as more variable goals like specific productivity outcomes?
  2. Are you looking at “big picture” issues that can interrupt the learning experience, like platform ease-of-use and tech support?
  3. Do your learners have quick access to content that develops new required skill sets on-demand?
  4. Are you able to easily develop educational interventions for employees in need of support through performance tracking?
  5. Can inspired employees conduct a “deep dive” into professional knowledge through self-directed study?

Quick Tip:

Use a robust cloud-based learning management system (LMS) to deliver concept-driven training that inspires self-directed advanced learning.

Find a Software Solution to Deliver Customized Training On-Demand

Select the right technical partner to deliver an optimal learning experience. Use a technology platform that can grow with your company. That means looking for a platform that offers more than simple-to-use software.

Seek out:

  • A scalable platform offers easy curriculum customization.
  • Performance tracking for one or multiple teams or organizations.
  • Certification and recertification tracking.
  • Multimedia content components.
  • Customized analytics with streamlined report generation.
  • Streamlined data sync from your HRIS system.
  • Exceptional support.

Build a Training Program that Reimagines the Boundaries of Employee Learning

As the architect of your employees’ learning experiences, you can transform the trajectory of their career development. Using the right learning management system, your employees can access the information that they require to reach new professional competency levels as the need arises. Your ability to provide them with the content that they need ensures that every team member has an equal opportunity to acquire the skill sets that they need to excel.

With a powerful LMS platform, all of the features that your organization needs to run a scalable training program—from comprehensive data analytics to performance tracking—will be available through a single admin dashboard. That means no hunting for third-party solutions or patching together curriculum components into an unwieldy collection of links. Your learners and your staff will enjoy the same user-friendly experience when interacting with the platform.

At WestNet Learning, we provide the features and support you need to create and evolve a powerful new employee training program. With more than 16 years of industry experience, WestNet Learning can create customized solutions for your organization’s needs, regardless of its size.

WestNet Learning is an all-in-one LMS solution to easily train employees, increase employee productivity, and address safety needs. With customizable eCourse builders, analytics, reporting, certification, and recertification tracking will help manage staff and stays on top of what matters most.

If you would like to learn more about how to engage and train your employees with efficiency so that you may increase your training course completion rates, feel free to reach out and schedule a 1-on-1 strategy session.

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