Online Employee Training & the Benefits of Certificate Tracking

In today’s competitive marketplace, even a slight fluctuation in employee productivity levels can mean the difference between a successful or unprofitable fiscal year. The simplest way to support employee performance excellence and encourage worker productivity improvement is to develop a comprehensive online employee training program. But launching (or enhancing) employee educational programming can be a challenge. In this post, we’ll examine the easiest way to create a high-impact employee training program and maintain team skill levels across your organization.

A Comprehensive Employee Training Program is Essential for Successful Employee Risk Management.

First, let’s talk about risk management. Even before thinking about employee performance and productivity, your organization will need to develop (or reevaluate) their risk management strategy. From OSHA compliance to workplace harassment prevention to EEOC alignment, there are numerous areas of competence that your employees need to master to help you protect your organization from avoidable risk. The best way to ensure that all members of your team receive the same high-quality learning experience is to use a learning management system (LMS) that provides a consistent, self-paced curriculum that can be customized to the needs of your organization.

OSHA compliance requires employee training. Learn more.

However, limiting risk organization-wide requires more than ensuring that all employees meet minimum standards of risk management compliance knowledge. Your employees will need to become skilled at meeting performance goals while self-correcting any risk management missteps, be it a tendency to cut corners on enforcing OSHA standards when under a deadline or overlooking a potential workplace harassment dispute in the making during team-building exercises. That means continuing education will be key to delivering critical messages to your staff as your organization’s HR challenges change.

Employee training is a core component of effective organizational risk management.

With a comprehensive employee training curriculum that is customizable and available on-demand online, your team can access the information that they need to improve performance or compliance easily and complete concept reinforcement activities wherever they are. That makes educational interventions less burdensome for staff and the HR team.

Launch and Maintain an Effective Employee Training Program with Certificate Tracking

A flexible employee training curriculum that allows for self-paced learning fosters a company culture that supports organizational goals.

Of course, an impactful employee training program does more than help protect your firm from unacceptable risk. A robust training program encourages a company culture that embraces brand values and helps to ensure a workplace environment that is conducive to productivity.

6 Tips for Creating a Powerful Online Employee Training Program

  • Don’t focus on role-specific job skills to the exclusion of critical “soft skills” like time management and conflict resolution.
  • Create an option for struggling learners to access extra support and enrichment content for complex topics.
  • Provide self-paced learning options whenever possible.
  • Use multimedia content to promote knowledge retention.
  • Underscore the “big picture” when teaching skills that can be tedious to master.
  • Take advantage of performance tracking features to reach out to learners who might be afraid to ask for support.

Certificate tracking empowers HR departments to intervene before employee knowledge and compliance gaps impact productivity and risk management benchmark achievements organization-wide. It allows you to monitor employee educational compliance and develop a plan of action when learners are not motivated to complete their courses or are struggling with the material and fail to achieve follow through on activities. Certificate tracking provides a valuable metric without any research on your part.

Employees failing to earn required certificates will certainly have knowledge gaps that require immediate attention. Those with certificates may still have competency gaps but, through online tracking, it is simple to pinpoint the areas where these employees need help.

Certificate tracking is a user-friendly enterprise resource planning tool included with some enterprise-grade LMS platforms that allows you to prioritize educational interventions and delegate your time and effort to employees who are in need of support.

Monitoring the impact of employee learning experiences through certificate tracking helps to create a high standard of training knowledge retention across the organization.

A Comprehensive Online Employee Training Program will Help Your Organization Scale Intelligently.

With the right LMS, it is easy to update your program’s curriculum when educational requirements change, such as when your business expands and current employees have an unfamiliar skillset to acquire or when new employees must adjust to a rapidly changing range of duties.

It is essential to have a program in place that can scale effortlessly with your company. Risk management training, performance tracking, workforce expansion, or a broader product line all mean more content to add to your curriculum and more competency areas to track.

With an enterprise-grade LMS, whether your organization adds a dozen or one hundred new employees, each will receive the same high-quality educational experience and be equally easy to track and support.

5 Top Features to Look for in Your LMS

  1. An intuitive, user-friendly admin section and streamlined data management functions.
  2. Self-paced learning.
  3. Integrated employee performance tracking.
  4. Multimedia capabilities and easy-to-use content customization tools.
  5. Extensive, on-going support from launch.

For more than 16 years, WestNet has empowered growing organizations to improve employee performance and productivity through self-paced, customizable online employee training programs using our enterprise-grade LMS.

The WestNet LMS offers integrated performance and training certificate tracking to help you support high-performing employees and create interventions for those who struggle with productivity and time management.

WestNet makes your online employee training program agile and scalable, enabling you to meet the needs of a diverse body of learners through a user-friendly, self-paced structure. Learn how a WestNet partnership can transform your employee training results.

WestNet Learning is an all-in-one LMS solution to easily train employees, increase employee productivity, and address safety needs. With customizable eCourse builders, analytics, reporting, certification, and re-certification tracking will help manage staff and stays on top of what matters most.

If you would like to learn more about how to engage and train your employees with efficiency that increases your training course completion rates, feel free to reach out and schedule a 1-on-1 strategy session.

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