Find Out How to Track Employee Productivity with Ease

Learning how to track employee productivity is one of the most challenging and resource-intensive tasks facing today’s training professionals. In this post, we’ll examine how to track employee productivity easily while empowering your employees to improve performance.

Employee productivity tracking data is the foundation of successful human resource strategy

There are few tenets in business that are above debate, but this is definitely one of them: patterns in employee productivity will determine your company’s success. But monitoring employee performance often results in productivity drain if performed independently of a comprehensive monitoring system. Nonetheless, access to accurate performance data is essential for assessing how well individual employees are working towards team benchmarks and their efficiency at managing their workflow. You will also need to rely on employee productivity data when determining if your company’s current human resource strategy is a profitable one. The data-driven insights gained from performance monitoring are the foundation for effective human resource management. But does learning how to track employee productivity have to be as difficult as it seems?

Rethinking Performance Monitoring: How Automated Productivity Tracking Empowers Your Department

When your department uses a platform that can pull data directly from the HRIS, you save time and prevent workflow interruption. Manual data collection has its place in some circumstances, but automated performance monitoring delegates repetitive, time-intensive tasks to technology so that your department can focus on the areas that require human expertise. With employee performance data at your fingertips, it’s simple to identify struggling workers and provide an educational intervention to get them back on track. When you use an enterprise-grade LMS you can translate those insights into targeted programming that empowers workers with the tools that they need to lackluster performance.

Accurate employee productivity data is an essential component of strategy building across any organization

Growing organizations will find employee productivity tracking to be an important component of strategy development in departments such as marketing when developing long-term strategy. But it doesn’t stop there. Every aspect of your department’s resource management strategy and training model ultimately depends on the overall productivity of your team. Inaccuracies in productivity monitoring data mean miscalculations that can corrupt benchmark analysis and lead to misdirected policy.

Without a comprehensive system in place for employee productivity monitoring, the process of tracking benchmark achievements can take human resource staff from other critical tasks.

Know What Won’t Work: DIY Solutions

A generic productivity tracking system, such as the use of spreadsheets or unmonitored employee self-reporting, will not scale effectively. It may also lead to productivity drain as you attempt to create solutions on the fly as your organization grows. When it comes to managing employee training in conjunction with performance management, you’re adding another layer of complexity that will only increase over time.

Here are just some of the features that you will find when using a solid LMS and productivity tracking solution:

  • Automated System Sync
  • Quickly enable sync from your system to the LMS. Automatically add and remove users from the LMS based on your HRIS feed
  • E-learning provider content integration
  • Host or connect ANY content to the LMS (SCORM, AICC, xAPI) or pull data from catalogs (such as and Harvard Manage Mentor)
  • An Advanced Analytics Dashboard
  • A user-friendly dashboard with historical and real-time learner outcomes and performance data. Includes an advanced drill down option to view underlying data
  • Employee training accessible from any platform
  • Your team can access their targeted training from desktop, laptop, mobile, or tablet.

One Solution for Training and Performance Analysis

WestNet Learning is a robust, scalable solution for employee productivity tracking, but it also provides powerful analytics capabilities through the LMS. Even after your LMS is up and running, you’ll need to monitor learner outcomes for struggling and top performing employees alike. WestNet Learning allows you to view historical and real-time worker assessment results and learner behaviors to assess the efficacy of your training content. That’s highly valuable in your strategy development process because it allows you to immediately isolate and remove training content that is simply too complex (or too superficial) to promote knowledge retention. You can also view changes in productivity levels over time and determine if your content is having a tangible impact on employee performance over time.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use a Single Platform for Productivity Tracking and Employee Training

  1. As your organization scales, you will not have to use multiple platforms to track employee productivity and develop targeted team training and assessment programs.
  2. Automated data collection saves time and allows your team to focus on other critical tasks.
  3. An integrated LMS and productivity tracking program allows you to rapidly develop educational interventions that are evidence-driven.
  4. With an analytics dashboard showing learner outcomes and performance data, it is simple to identify content that is missing the mark and retarget training towards areas where employees need urgent help.
  5. An integrated training and productivity tracking system allows you to easily identify strong performers and provide educational enrichment to help them reach their potential.

With WestNet Learning, you have more than an enterprise-grade LMS and productivity tracking platform. We offer exceptional support as you launch and expand your employee training efforts. For decades, WestNet Learning has partnered with growing organizations to help them empower their employees to reach their full potential. We offer comprehensive, affordable solutions for companies of any size, with advanced curriculum components and live event management capabilities that make our LMS an exceptional value. Take a tour of our latest features.

WestNet Learning is an all-in-one LMS solution to easily train employees, increase employee productivity, and address safety needs. Customized eCourses, analytics, reporting, and certification tracking to help manage staff and stay on top of what matters most.

If you would like to learn more about how you can increase your employee’s productivity rates, feel free to reach out and schedule a 1-on-1 walkthrough with one of our solution specialists today!

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